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   Making the choice to become a writer is a courageous and serious decision. Writing, by its very nature, has to do with our individual stories and what it means to be human. There can be no meaningful instruction unless the writer's craft is honored, unless writer and editor respect discipline, dialogue and growth. My job as an editorial consultant and Master Class instructor is to help you write the best book possible. In today's increasingly tough publishing market, first impressions are vitally important and can make or break a writing career.

   Many agents and publishers now recommend that an author hire an editor before submitting a manuscript or before accepting the author as a client. Having spent 3 decades in publishing houses in New York City, I know what agents and publishers look for in a manuscript; I will make an extensive, detailed analysis of your work and work with you until you feel your manuscript is the best it can be.

   No one can guarantee to make you a bestselling author or even get you published, but your chances are immensely improved with proper editing and representation.

Patrick J. LoBrutto - Editorial Consultant - (301) 460-3164 -

Please Only Call During Normal Business Hours, 9am-5pm EST.

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